Should I Wear A Knee Brace To Bed – Doctor’s Suggestion

Should I Wear A Knee Brace To Bed

Is your knee in pain? Does it require any form of support? The knee can develop pain with several instances. In such instances, you should see the doctor for treatment and recommendations. One of the things that might recommend you use is the brace. Is it recommended for use when you go to bed?

Here is doctor’s suggestion to read if you are not sure whether to wear a knee brace to bed or not.

Explained Why Should You Wear Knee Brace to Bed?

You can wear knee brace if the doctor recommends it

However, this is dependent on the situation. Sometimes it is a recommended option, but sometimes it is not. If the doctor recommends that you wear a knee brace while sleeping, then you should not hesitate to do so. The doctor will not ask you to put it on without examining the knee first. The following reasons justify it.

To Reduce Knee Pain

Sometimes, the pain from the knee can be overwhelming. If you put on a brace, it will greatly help in suppressing it. It's only remedies that are available in some instances.

To Contain Further Dislocation of the Joints

A knee brace will help in ensuring that the joints do not dislocate further. It holds and keeps the bones together. The dislocation might not stop immediate especially when the injury is still fresh. You should, therefore, wear a knee brace until when the joints start to hold together. As usual, you must get a doctor’s recommendation. A knee brace will keep the joints together no matter the movements that you make. If you don’t correctly wear the brace, it will not be able to prevent further injuries.

To Experience Beautiful and Smooth Night

As you turn around in your bed, you may make some uncomfortable movements. If you do not have the brace on the knee, then you may experience painful nights. It is recommended that you sleep with a brace on the knee.

Fastens the Healing Process

Going to bed with a brace will help you in avoiding many problems. There will be no further joint dislocation. The pain will be minimized eventually it will be eliminated as well. You will be able to make movements that would otherwise not be able without the brace on the knee. The brace will hasten the healing process.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Wear Knee Brace While Sleeping 


People who wear a knee brace stands to gain more than those who don’t. There are merits of wearing a knee brace to bed, especially when battling injuries. They include:

  • Reduces Knee Pain: An injury or surgery, without a doubt, comes with a lot of pain. This pain can be so excruciating. It can be eliminated by the use of medication, with the assistance of the knee brace. The brace also helps in restricting the side movement of the joints.
  • Walk Again Normally: A knee brace to bed will hasten the process of healing. It will enable one to make movements that might be difficult to make without one. A brace will hold the joints together, hence enabling one to walk within a very short time.
  • Structural Support: An injured knee requires a lot of support, especially from a brace. It keeps the joints in place, and this is even more favorable if the knee is recovering from surgery. In bed, the knee will get time to relax, not like when you are in constant motion.
  • Prevents Further Injuries While Sleeping: A knee brace is not only useful when the injury has occurred, but also in preventing injuries from happening. When you are in bed, you may harm yourself more if you do not wear one, and this is why it is important to wear one to bed.


Are there demerits of putting on a knee brace to bed? Definitely yes. Some of these demerits are:

  • In some instances, it brings about a sense of false protection. There is no guarantee that you will be fully protected. It may also bring in a false sense of confidence.
  • One may get used to it, and may then become difficult to do without one.
  • In some cases, it may not work as expected. This means that the knee may not get relief even if you put on the brace. It may also prolong the process of healing.

Tips for Sleeping with Knee Brace

It is not always advisable that you just put on a brace and sleep. There is a way in which you should do it for maximum effectiveness. These are explained as below with video:

Moisturize the injured part: This is because the knee brace can make the injured part so dry. The brace will cause more irritations on dry skin.

Replace the knee brace: Do not use one brace over a long time. If you wear it for long, it will accumulate sweat hence causing a lot of irritations.

Make the straps tight: Do not get into the bed if the straps are not tight. It will not hold the injured part together.

Use extra pillows: You should always support the brace so that you will be able to have a stress free night. Add some extra pillows below the knee or in between the legs.

Use light bedding: If you want to be able to turn without much problem, then you should use light bedding.

Check your knee brace: This is to ensure that it is always correctly put on. It also helps in eliminating itchiness and irritations.

Use cold therapy: This is to ease swelling and inflammation of the affected area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I sleep with knee brace in knee injury?

You should place the pillow in between your knees if you sleep on either of the sides. If you sleep on your back, you should place the pillow below the knee.

2. Should I sleep with pillows and knee brace together?

Yes. Both hasten the healing process. You should first wear a brace and then support the knee with a pillow. Put the pillow between the legs or under the knee depending on your sleeping position.

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