How to Wash Knee Brace – 2 Obvious Method Explained

How to Wash Knee Brace

A knee brace is a medical device that protects your knee joint, and surrounding tissue from injury, or helps you heal after an injury. These braces are a combination of materials, metal and plastic components.

When your brace is worn regularly it can become soiled and start to smell bad because of sweat, and body oils. You should wash your knee brace about once a week if you wear it daily. You should also wash the brace before you store it for future use.

The best method for washing your brace will be by hand, because hand washing puts less stress on the materials and working components of the brace. You can also use the gentle cycle in your washing machine to wash some braces.

Ways to Clean a Knee Brace 

Method 1 - Hand Washes Cleaning Process

  • Remove any hinges or plastic or metal components, if the components are not removable be sure to close the knee brace prior to washing to protect the components
  • Fill a sink with cool water Put a teaspoon of mild laundry soap in the water, 
  • Push the brace down into the soapy water
  • Allow the brace to soak up the water so it will sink down and be covered by the soapy water. You want your brace to remain submerged in the water for about thirty minutes.
  • Remove the brace, rinse the soap from the sink, refill the sink with clean cool water to rinse the brace. You may have to repeat this step several times before you remove all of the soapy water.
  • Spread a clean dry towel on top of a table or cabinet so you can lay the brace out to dry. You can use the palm of your hand and gently press the brace into the towel to help some water to be expelled. Do not reinsert the plastic or metal components until the brace has completely dried.

Method 2 - Machine Washes Cleaning Process 

  • Check label to make sure that you can wash the brace in a machine
  • Remove any plastic or metal components that are removable. If there are metal or plastic components that cannot be removed you should make sure they are closed before you wash the brace.
  • Wipe the metal or plastic components with a damp cloth, or with a damp cloth that has a small amount of detergent on it. If you use a cloth with detergent be sure to wipe the components with a clean damp cloth before you dry them. Element
  • Turn your machine to the gentle or delicate cycle, and choose cold water wash and rinse. Do not use hot water, but you can use warm water if the label on the brace indicates that this is okay.
  • Put a mild detergent into the machine. Do not bleach or use bleach alternatives.
  • Do not dry your brace in a dryer. You want to lay the brace out flat on top of a clean dry towel. Do not wring the brace because this can stretch the material

Different Components Used Knee Brace Cleaning Process 

Mesh or Nylon

Mesh or nylon braces can be easily cleansed by hand or in a washing machine. You always want to choose the gentle or delicate cycle when washing in a machine so the fabric the brace is made of is not stretched or twisted by unnecessary wringing or agitation.

Plastic and Fabric

If you have a brace that has a combination of plastic and fabric that needs washing you should cleanse it by hand. A machine may agitate the brace and cause the plastic portion to be broken or displaced. When you wash by hand gently swish the brace in the soapy water and do not scrub the material together, or use a scrubbing brush on the material.

Cloth Braces

Cloth braces can be cleansed by hand or in a washing machine on the gentle cycle. If you cleanse by hand always mix your detergent with your cool water before you add the brace. Never use hot water because it distorts the materials the brace is made from. Gently push the cloth into the water, and resist the urge to wring the water from the cloth. 

Metal Components

The best method for cleaning these components is to remove them from the brace and wipe them down with a clean damp cloth. If the components are very soiled you can put a mild detergent on the cloth, wipe the components down, then use another clean damp cloth with no detergent to wipe away any detergent residue. Always dry the components using a clean dry towel, and lay them out separately on a clean dry towel to finish air drying.

FAQs About Washing a Knee Brace

How long does it take for a knee brace to dry?

The drying time for a brace is dependent on the material the brace is made from and how saturated with water the material is. Mesh, nylon and copper knee braces may dry in a couple of hours, and neoprene braces may take several hours to completely air dry.

How often should I wash my knee brace?

If you wear your brace on a daily basis then you should wash it about once a week. If you wear your brace infrequently then wash it whenever it appears soiled or seems to have an odor developing.

Can I put my knee brace in the dryer?

You cannot dry a knee brace in a dryer. The dryer can cause the material to shrink, and it can damage other components of the brace. Always air dry your brace by laying it flat on top of an absorbent towel.

Knee Brace Cleaning Video

Final Notes 

When you have to wear a knee brace you will have to cleanse the brace from time to time. Hand washing is the preferred method for the majority of knee braces. It takes only a few minutes to hand wash your brace, and generally no damage is done to the brace during the process.

When the manufacture label says it is okay then you can wash your brace in a machine on the gentle cycle. Never dry your brace in a dryer. The most important things to remember when washing your knee brace is cold water, mild detergent, and air dry.

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