How to Put on an Ankle Brace – Easiest Way

How to Put on an Ankle Brace

An ankle injury is one of the most common injury. There are about two million ankle sprains reported to physicians each year. These injuries happen to people who are active in sports and to people who do not play sports at all.

The ankle brace is the recommended medical device to help you prevent these injuries from occurring. In this article we are going to examine how to put on an ankle brace so that it can help you avoid ankle injuries.

The following information will help you to wear your brace comfortably both with and without shoes.

How to Properly Wear an Ankle Brace

The ankle brace is primarily used by people who have suffered an ankle injury. You can also use these items to prevent possible injuries. Before you can wear the brace and receive the most benefits from it you should consider the following information.

Prepare the Brace

Before you can position the ankle brace you will need to loosen all of the straps and laces on the item. When you have loosened these straps you can insert your foot into the section of the brace that resembles a boot. Your brace should have a tongue that rests on top of the foot between the skin of your foot and the laces of the brace. This is like the tongue of your shoe.

You should be in a seated position when you put your foot into the brace. Secure the brace into position by lacing the laces.

Position the Stabilizing Strap

The medial stabilizing strap is located on the inside portion of your foot. It should be drawn across the upper portion of your instep and then around and under the heel of your foot. Once you have this strap secured you repeat this process using the strap on the opposite side of the foot.

Tensioning the Straps

You should remain in a seated position and adjust the tension on the stabilizing straps so you get optimum support. You adjust the tension on the straps at the same time to achieve equal tension.

These straps have finger loops that you place your fingers in to help you pull the strap to the correct tension setting.

This tension adjustment will need to be made on the inner stabilizer and then on the outside stabilizer.

Position the Cuff Closure

There should be an elastic cuff closer that you can place over your laces once the laces have been tied. The cuff closer will help to maintain the proper tension and tightness on the brace.

Making Adjustments

The brace may need to be tightened or adjusted throughout the day. The frequency of these adjustments will be determined by how active you are being at the time. Always make these tensions adjustments from a seated position.

How to Wear an Ankle Brace With Shoes

How to Wear an Ankle Brace With Shoes

The first thing that you have to do to wear an ankle brace with shoes is to find the right pair of shoes and the right ankle brace.

Brace Selection

There are a wide variety of ankle braces available. Some of these braces are a good deal thicker than others.

  • To wear an ankle brace with your shoes you need to have a brace made of thinner materials so the brace fits into the shoe.
  • Select your ankle brace according to measurement of the circumference of your ankle. Do not buy an ankle brace according to the size of your shoes.
  • Buy a brace that does not have a lot of bulky straps to create bulky areas in your shoe.

Compression braces are most likely going to be the style of braces you will need when you want to wear the brace with your normal shoes.

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Ankle braces afford us the luxury of still being mobile while we are healing after an injury. These devices also help us to prevent injuries from happening. If you have a tendency to turn your ankle frequently; or you often have swollen and painful ankles, then you should consider an ankle brace for added support.

Get a brace that fits properly and a brace that is designed for the type of injury you are recovering from. If you frequently injure your ankles you may want to talk to your physician about what methods of prevention you should be using.

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