Best Knee Brace for Wrestling – 2020 Top Models Reviewed!

Wrestling can sometimes be a tough game. There is always a high likelihood that you may get hurt especially on the knee joint. You need to protect yourself against injuries by always making sure that you wear a brace before wrestling.

In this article, I am going to review the best knee brace for wrestling and highlight all the information that should give you a good knowledge of a knee brace. Do not hesitate to go through it. The information contained therein is invaluable, up to date and well researched. You can comfortably and confidently rely on it to make a purchasing decision

Recommended 5 Best Knee Brace for Wrestling

1. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

TechWare Pro is an easy-to-fit brace that offers maximum comfort and flexibility to the knee. The brace provides a lot of protection especially when you engage in wrestling.

It enables the knee to have optimized movement even when it is not feeling well. The brace has tight sleeves that will ensure that the joints remain in one position hence preventing further dislocation. It also enables the injured to experience speedy recovery and to heal eventually. This is because the brace provides maximum compression and support.

It is made of a material that is easy to clean and to dry. As you continue to use the brace, it absorbs a lot of sweat, especially if you do not change it on time. You should, therefore, clean it regularly.


  • Easy to fit
  • Good for a speedy recovery


  • Difficult to clean

2. Bodyprox Anti-Slip Knee Pads

Bodyprox Anti-Slip Knee Pads

Bodyprox knee pad is safe for use on the knee especially if you are planning to go for wrestling. It also provides a lot of care and support if the knee is injured. The brace is commensurate in size to the knee. It does not take up the whole leg, rather, it only covers the affected area that is the knee.

The brace offers a lot of comfort to the knee and it can be used the whole day without any problem. It is suitable for use no matter the level of injury.

This item is made of a flexible fabric that allows a lot of movement and freedom to the leg. It does not restrict the knee even for a moment. This brace is durable and it is fitted with paddings that are resistant to shock.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear even when fighting with an opponent


  • Absorbs a lot of sweat

3. Bear Komplex Knee Support for Wrestling

Bear Komplex Knee Support for Wrestling

Bear Komplex Knee Support is instrumental in reducing the pain while at the same time boosting the blood flow. It, therefore, enhances the speed of healing. This feature makes it useful when worn for wrestlers.

This brace is ideal for an injured knee because it has large sleeves that provide optimal support and comfort. When a knee is recovering, it requires a lot of support. It also stimulates the muscles. In times of pain, the muscles tend to contract hence causing more pain. This brace, therefore, works hard to reverse the situation.

It is durable meaning that it can be used over a long period. The padding used to make it helps in absorbing the shock, hence effectively making it shock resistant.


  • Stimulates the muscles
  • It helps in improving blood flow


  • It can be larger for the knee

4. McDavid Wrestling Knee Pads

McDavid Wrestling Knee Pads

McDavid is one of the best knee pads for wrestling, This knee pad provides maximum comfort to the whenever you wear it for wrestling. It is made of soft yet firm pads that hold on tightly to the knee. The brace is also excellent for tennis players to providing support. An injured knee requires a lot of support especially after a dislocation or a surgery has happened.

It is durable and it can be used over a long period. You can wear it to help in healing or to protect a knee from pending injuries. The brace is excellent in absorbing sweat and water. It does not make the affected area dry, but it just keeps it moist.

If you love the performance, then this is the brace to buy. It offers much to make sure that you heal fast from the pain, and that you are protected.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good in absorption


  • Cleaning it might be a challenge

5. RIMSports Knee Compression Sleeve for Weightlifting

RIMSports Knee Compression Sleeve for Weightlifting

This knee brace has an advanced knee protection mechanism that is perfect for a wrestling match. It works so well whether the knee is suffering from surgery, dislocation or even fighting.

The brace is strong enough to provide good support to the knee. It helps in holding the joints from further dislocation. You can, therefore, walk around with confidence. It offers high performance to the leg, hence it aids in fast recovery. This is because it comes with an enhanced compression mechanism that prevents further damage to the leg.

It is durable and efficient. The brace is made with a soft yet strong material that will make it last for a long period. It takes long before it wears out.


  • Durable and efficient
  • Advanced knee protection


  • It might be too strong for a fresh injury

Why Should You Wear a Knee Brace for Wrestling?

Wrestling involves a lot of physical activity. In many instances, one might end up getting hurt or getting serious injuries. Some scenarios might even be worse. Apart from being hurt, one may experience dislocation of joints or even broken body parts.

When you wear a brace, it will protect you against most of these injuries. There are fragile body parts that require a lot of protection when you engage in such a physical activity. A wrestling brace is ideal for protecting ligaments and tendons from further injuries when you wrestle. It is highly encouraged that you wear a brace before such activity.

A brace is not also useful for protecting broken parts, but also for protecting delicate body parts from injuries. If you get to a wrestling field with a brace on, chances are high that you will not get a lot of injuries. A person who fights without one will suffer a lot and may even end up being hospitalized. In the worst cases, one may even be admitted as a patient in a hospital.

The body needs a lot of support during such moments. A brace, therefore, will play a great role in supporting the joints and the knees at such times.

Best Wrestling Knee Brace Buying Guide 

The types

Several types of braces can be used for wrestling. However, not all are good for that purpose. You should always strive to choose the best brace from among the many of them. You should always bear in mind that what is best for someone else is not the best for you. You should, therefore, choose wisely.

Some of the knee brace brands for wrestling:

  • Tech Ware Knee Brace
  • Rimsports Knee Sleeve Brace
  • Mava Sports Knee Sleeve

Size and length

This will mostly depend on the size of one’s knee. Not all people are of the same size. However, a good size should measure between six to seven inches. That is not to say that other sizes are an exception. If you have a bigger knee, then you will not restrict yourself to a smaller brace and vice versa.

An ideal length of a wrestling brace is best determined by the intensity of the match. If you can get one that covers the entire leg, then it is better, otherwise, the knee should be protected fully.


A brace should not make you feel horrible when you wear it. It should offer maximum comfort through the entire wrestling session. For a brace to be comfortable, the material that is used in making it should be soft but firm. As a wrestler, you should test several brands so that you will be able to find a pair that will give you maximum comfort. The sleeves that hold the brace around the knee should be soft, comfortable and firm as well.

FAQs About Wrestling Knee Brace

1. Is wrestling a safe sport?

Just like any other sport, wrestling has the risk of injuries. Wrestling involves a lot of physical activity. If you fight out safely, then it will be safe, otherwise, it would be somehow risky to fight. It is safe, but with the risk of injuries.

2. Can you wrestle with a knee brace?

Yes, you can fight with a knee brace. A knee brace is intended to protect the knee from injuries and other harms. It also protects other delicate body parts such as the tendons, ligaments and so on. Please wear a brace before you wrestle.

3. Can you wrestle with bursitis pain?

Yes, you can wrestle with bursitis pain but you must wear knee support and do it less vigorously. You better stop the fight when you feel the pain coming on. This condition makes one feel strong, sharp pains and swelling of the knees. The pain is unpleasant, and you should avoid wrestling if you can.

Final Notes

A knee brace is highly recommended for wrestling. It is also good when you have damaged ligaments or dislocated joints. Read through this guide and you will see the benefits of putting one on. If you get hurt on the knee, the first thing you should think of is to wear a brace. Be safe always.