Best Knee Brace for Tennis Players – Buyer guide and Reviews

Best Knee Brace for Tennis

Playing tennis comes with a lot of fun, however, injuries that may arise out of it can be a nightmare. Injuries mostly happen to the knees because of obvious reasons. One, therefore, has to take care of him/herself by putting on a knee brace when playing tennis. There are several things which you must consider as you look for the best knee brace for tennis. Which are these factors?

In this article, I am going to highlight all the important information which you need for proper decision making. You can comfortably rely on the information contained therein to make a purchasing decision. The information contained in this article is current and most recent.

Recommended 5 Best Knee Braces for Tennis 

1. Powerlix Knee Compression Sleeve

Powerlix Knee Compression Sleeve

It is manufactured to meet the required standards for playing tennis. This product provides maximum support and comfort when you are in the tennis court. It is made to offer full protection to the knee without hampering your mobility.

The product is made with a fulfilling design. Its appearance is unmatched and it has the characteristic of an anti-slip design. This means that it will hold in place when you wear it. The grip is made of silicone gel strips which ensures that the brace remains in place throughout the session.

It is very comfortable to wear because it applies uniform pressure across the knee.


  • It is made to fit a knee of any size.
  • Very comfortable.
  • It does not compromise mobility.


  • The product does not contain any safety warnings.
  • There are no health conditions indicated on the product, whether it is safe or harmful in the long run

2. CAMBIVO 2 Pack Compression Sleeve

CAMBIVO 2 Pack Compression Sleeve

This product is made specifically to prevent the knee from getting injuries. People with knee injuries can use it for pain relief. It is also useful in managing pain for people suffering from joint-related diseases such as arthritis.

The brace is useful for any kind of sport. It is not meant to be worn when playing tennis only. The brace can be worn when playing any kind of sport which e involve a lot of stress to the joints. The product is multipurpose.

It has a double-lined anti-slip silicone that offers great comfort and protection while using it. The product is thicker than a normal brace for more protection.


  • It is effective in managing knee pain.
  • Useful for all sports which involve a lot of stress to the joints.
  • It is thicker for more comfort and protection.


  • It cannot be machine washed.
  • Difficult to clean because of its thickness.

3. Sable Knee Brace Support

Sable Knee Brace Support

Sable Knee Brace Support is made of elastic compression sleeves to fit tightly and perfectly to the knee. The product is made to an anti-slip design to hold on no matter what exercise you engage in.

It has a tight but soft compression which helps in easing stress and swelling. Where there is an inflammation already, the brace aids in recovery. It has some medicinal properties which work to relieve stress from the joints.

The brace can be used golf, soccer and basketball players which causes stress to the joints.


  • It helps in reducing stress inflicted on the joints.
  • The brace can be used in several other sporting activities.
  • It is flexible and breathable.


  • It cannot be washed by the use of a machine.
  • Washing it with hot water may cause it to stretch.

4. Uflex Knee Compression Brace

Uflex Knee Compression Brace

Uflex Knee Compression Brace is one of the best knee support for tennis with the joint is subjected to a lot of stress. Its made to suit all sporting activities such include soccer, tennis, American football and basketball and much more.

It reduces all form of stress and other paints which might occur to the joints due to heavy sporting. The brace holds the knee tight throughout the sporting session. It also aids in the recovery of pain caused to the knee.

The product has a strong anti-slip mechanism that holds the brace in place throughout the sporting time. It does not slip off no matter the amount of stress applied to it.


  • It helps in reducing stress and inflammation in the joints.
  • Has secure traps that hold the brace in place.
  • It is useful for all stressful sporting activities.


  • The straps are not removable even when cleaning.
  • It cannot be washed in a machine.

5. XFORCE 9mm Knee Brace

XFORCE Knee support for Tennis Players

XFORCE 9mm Knee Brace made with a unique design for more comfort and protection. The knee cap is double protected with two layers of neoprene. This provides more compression and protection as compared to one with a single neoprene layer.

It is a multipurpose knee sleeve that can be used for various sporting activities. Such sporting activities impart a lot of stress to the joints. They include sports such as tennis and football.

It's designed to hold on to the knee throughout the sporting activity. The brace has an anti-slip feature together with strong straps which help in keeping it in place.


  • It is comfortable when worn.
  • The product does not fall off when worn.
  • It is fitted with double layers of neoprene for maximum protection of the knee cap.


  • It cannot be machine washed.
  • Continuous washing with warm to hot water may cause it to stretch easily.

Guide to Choosing the Best Knee Brace for Tennis Players

Choose the Suitable materials

The suitable brace material for tennis players is cotton, polyester, and nylon. It should be mixed in desired proportionate proportions so that an optimum product is achieved. Neoprene should be used in generous proportions when making the knee cap.

Tennis clothes, on the other hand, should be made with synthetic fiber. Such clothes are excellent in removing sweat from the body by wicking off the moisture from the body.

With the advancement in technology, new designs of clothing will be coming up. It is not a static procedure, and there have been so many changes in the past as well. Suitable material should keep the player fit all the time.

Desired Length for tennis players

A good length of knee brace for tennis players should be long enough to cover the entire knee. It should at least cover 22 inches above and below the knee.

In all circumstances, the knee cap or the patella should be covered. Any other length is permissible so long as the knee does not remain exposed. The length of the brace differs from one type of sport to another. With tennis, injuries may not be as rampant as with other sports. This is because physical contact is minimum or nil when playing tennis, unlike other sports such as football. If you can cover the whole foot, the better it is for you.

Is the Width Comfortable and Perfect?

The width of the brace does not matter much. This is because so long as the knee is covered, the other parts are less likely to get injuries. If it covers 22 inches both on the top and the bottom of the knee, then it is comfortable. 

However, perfection depends on the user. Other players find it perfect when it stretches as far as possible and vice versa for others. You have to consider what is perfect for you. What is good for someone else might not be the same for your case. Where possible, put it to a test before buying.

What are the Benefits of Playing Tennis?

It keeps the body physically fit and healthy. The body will be able to burn calories and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tennis is played for fun too, especially if you are competing with a friend or a relative. 

People who engage in such a sport are always happier than those who do not indulge in it. I would encourage anyone to try and find some time to play this sport. It is fulfilling and the results are there for anyone to see.

FAQs About Tennis Knee Brace

Is tennis bad for the knees?

No. Tennis is not bad for knees. It keeps the body healthy. The knees are likely to suffer injuries if not protected. Tennis is not however responsible for such injuries.

What are the most common injuries in tennis?

Most common injuries include injuries to the joints and the skin. Examples include wrist pain, knee pain, elbow, toes and shoulder blades. Injuries can happen to any part of the body in the course of play.

How can I prevent or avoid a knee injury while playing tennis?

Do some exercises before getting into the field. This helps in keeping the body fit. Before playing, wear a knee brace to cover the shoulder blade and nearby veins. Avoid falling anyhow.


In the tennis field, injuries are prone to occur. The player has to take some precautionary measures and protect themselves. This is done by taking a good cover of body joints, especially the knees.

I would advise you to take a walk out first before getting into a tennis pitch. It helps in preparing you for the match, and hopefully with fewer injuries.

Grab this guide and read it to find out what you should look for before buying a knee brace. Compare the merits and the demerits of each product before settling on one which suits your needs.