About us

At Brace View, we have combined advice from experts on braces of all types. Knee brace, ankle brace, back brace, shoulder brace, wrist brace and more.

Brace are often seen as something that we have to endure because we have injured ourselves. The truth is that few people who have actually worn brace, needed brace or recommended brace, have ever taken the time to educate others on these devices. Wearing a brace does not have to alter your life or end your favorite activities. Wearing a brace is not the end of your fun; it should just be a way to help end your possibility of injury or pain.

About Brace View

Brace View is designed to provide factual, useful information on everything pertaining to supportive brace. We want people to understand brace, understand the conditions that often call for the use of brace, and how to use those braces effectively. Brace are not crutches to be used when all hope is lost. Brace are medical devices that can be used to give hope, support, and increased strength to different parts of your body.

We offer informative product reviews. Our experts put products designed to be used as braces, and injury prevention through rigorous tests to determine how well the products function. Each product is tested on their functionality, their effectiveness, their comfort, their design, and their availability. We do not attempt to persuade anyone to buy any particular product. We offer the factual information concerning the pros and cons of each product so our readers can make informed decisions.

We offer informative articles that will provide our readers with useful tips and tricks on how to prevent injuries, how to wear the devices and products we review, and methods of staying in the best shape even when you are recovering from an injury.

All of our tips and tricks will be provided by experts who have either studied on how to treat people with these types of injuries or expert athletes that have endured the injuries and learned from their experiences.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to make people more aware of their joints and skeletal composition, and how to maintain the best joint health in their bodies. We want everyone to be able to be as physically active as they desire to be without suffering the pain, swelling, and discomfort that an injured body joint can create.

Our mission is to help you get active and stay active with as little physical injury and pain as possible. We want everyone to have as much fun and be as productive as they want to be.

About our 2 Authors

The two contributing authors to Brace View are both very knowledgeable in supportive and compression brace, injuries, and prevention of injuries.

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is an athlete that has participated in rigorous physical activities for more than a decade. The experiences that he has been through with his own injuries, and the experiences of the many athletes he has played with have given him the insight that Brace View needs.


He provides us the practical and realistic points of view of someone who has actually needed the support of brace and compression sleeves, and used the those items while living a normal life.

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Dr Donald Hodnett

Dr Donald Hodnett

Dr Donald Hodnett is a medical doctor that specializes in orthopedic. The doctor gives us the practical reasoning for brace, and what the brace can actual do for the health and well-being of the knee joints.

The doctor uses the latest in research and technology to try and help our readers understand their skeletal make-up including their knee, ankle, shoulder joints.

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The advice and opinion from our medical doctor is in no way meant to replace the advice of your physician. If you have an injury or persistent pain in your knees, ankles, shoulders, or any portion of your body, we recommend that you seek medical advice from your physician.

A large part of maintaining proper physical health is to maintain a good relationship with your medical advisory team and to seek the advice of your medical advisers when you sense that something is not just right with your body. You know your body better than anyone else. Trust your own instincts and what your own body is telling you.

Our Promise to Reader

We promise to provide our readers with factual information that they can rely on. We are not trying to sell any product or brand of product. It is our goal to inform you about the products available to you and give you enough factual information to determine if any of those products would benefit you.

We will provide factual information that allows you to become more educated and informed about your body, and some of the conditions that cause our bodies to need the support of braces, wraps, or compression sleeves.